2021 Award Nominations

There is excellent work being done in our communities! Please nominate your fellow workers below for the great work being done.

Deadline for nominations is September 3, 2021.

Award Criteria

  1. Officer of the Year Award: Awarded to any female officer who has a history in excellence in all four areas of leadership, community service, mentoring and excellence in performance, as indicated below.
  2. Leadership Award: Awarded to any female officer who distinguishes herself by superior accomplishments or continuing long-term involvement using leadership skills that encompass, but are not limited to, problem solving, planning, organizational skills, communication, being a positive role model, and/or administration, which make a significant contribution within the agency or the law enforcement mission.
  3. Community Service: Awarded to any female officer who distinguishes herself by superior accomplishment through developing, designing, implementing, and participating in programs involving communities that include neighbourhoods, schools, community meetings or businesses.
  4. Mentoring and Coaching: Awarded to any female officer who distinguishes herself with her support and assistance to women in law enforcement, development of programs or policies favorable to women, or serving on committees/organizations that review women’s issues.
  5. Excellence in Performance: Awarded to any female officer who distinguishes herself thorough superior attention to duty or outstanding investigative effort that leads to the identification, location, or arrest of a major criminal or criminal activity.
  6. Bravery: Awarded to any female officer who distinguishes herself through acts of bravery that are considered above and beyond the call of duty, which would also include exemplary performance during extremely dangerous situations. This award is not limited to one recipient. 1n circumstances where a male counterpart is involved in the situation, the male will also receive the award.
  7. Team Endeavors: Awarded to any female officer and her female/male counterpart(s), who distinguish themselves by working on a complex, comprehensive, ground-breaking or long-term project within a service or across jurisdictions, with broad implications for law enforcement or justice; in other words, a major issue with significant implications for change. This could include investigations, administrative projects such as internal reviews, leading teams, organizing major events and conferences, organizational change projects, task forces or public inquiry support. Ensure to specify the nature of the role of each of the members of the team.


  1. Exceptional women in the law enforcement field may be nominated in no more than two (2) of the seven (7) nomination categories for the current year. However, to ensure adequate consideration of the skills and achievements specific to each category, a separate submission will be required for each category. An independent awards committee will review all submissions and select the award winners.
  2. Describe the nominee’s observed behavior against the criteria outlined in the nominated category selected. It is important to be detailed, clear and concise in addressing the criteria.

    The nominator must submit the nomination electronically in the following format:
    1. Introduce the nominee – include current position, length of time at this position/rank, the main duties/tasks of this position in 200 words or less in a half page;
    2. Identify the position/job duties, which are the subject of the nomination category (if different from current position). Explain how the nominee qualifies as performing the position/job duties in an exceptional manner as per the nomination category criteria. It is not sufficient to state that the nominee performs in an exceptional manner or that she exceeds job expectations. The nominator must articulate demonstrated behaviors clearly to the awards committee. This section has a maximum of 1400 words or three and a half pages. Please keep in mind that members of the awards committee may not be familiar with acronyms or specialized work/duties within your law enforcement agency. It is important that you do not assume the committee will understand your description and that you clearly articulate them.
    3. A brief biography of the nominee of 400 words or less is optional. You must write the biography as a stand-alone document as we will not combine it with the first two sections.
  3. Supporting documentation such as letters of appreciation/commendation, performance appraisals, newspaper or media clippings or photos are not acceptable. The Awards Committee will not consider these documents as part of their decision making process.
  4. Provide the contact names and phone numbers of two references. This will allow the awards committee an opportunity to verify the accuracy of the nomination should they determine it necessary.
  5. Open PDF Form
    The nomination must be completed electronically and forwarded in a word document or pdf format to AWLE President, Sharon Warren at president@awle.org or by filling out the form below by September 3, 2021.
  6. The AWLE President will notify the award recipients via telephone. The AWLE President will notify all nominees and their nominators via letter if they do not receive an award in their respective categories. If the nominations submitted do not meet the exceptional or distinguished rating criteria for the nominated category there will be no award given in that category.
  7. All Award recipients will have their nominations forwarded to the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) Awards Program for consideration in their awards process for the following year.

Nominations are now closed.