Atlantic Women in Law Enforcement Membership

Qualification for Membership:

(1) Active Members - To be eligible to become an Active Member, a person must be either:

(i) a currently employed law enforcement officer having peace officer status; or

(ii) a retired law enforcement officer who had peace officer status while employed.

(2) Associate Members - To be eligible to become an Associate Member, a person must have such training, experience or other professional attainments in the law enforcement or related fields as may be determined by the Board from time to time.

AWLE Membership Fees

Our membership fees have not increased and remain at:

  • $25.00 for Active membership (Peace officer status or retired peace officer status)
  • $25.00 for associate membership (non-peace officer status)
  • $125.00 for SEVEN year membership (two years FREE)

AWLE 2019 Membership Form


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Your membership is important to us.
Thanks for joining!
2018 membership is now closed.
We now accept membership by E-Transfer.
Please see our membership form for details.

Please make your cheques payable to 'AWLE'

DID YOU KNOW...Membership has it's benefits!!!

Your $25.00 membership entitles you to receive:

- 'The Notebook' AWLE's newsletter twice yearly;

- A gift of appreciation for taking out membership. Membership gifts are available for pick up at the annual conference;

- Opportunity to avail of the lowest conference rates with no increases; and

- Vote and provide feedback and suggestions at our Annual General Meetings.

Your membership allows for the provision of:

- Professional Development Training Conferences within Atlantic Canada: This provides you the opportunity to learn from various speakers and educators and liaison/network with delegates from all over Atlantic Canada. Here's an example of the type of feedback we get from Conference Participants;

- Annual Recognition Awards: you have an opportunity to be nominated and recognized for the hard work you do. Winners of AWLE awards are also forwarded to the IAWP Association for potential recognition at the International level; and

- Newsletters: We can keep you up to date on articles of interest through our bi-annual newsletter. Have you seen the latest 'Notebook' or any of the past issues located in the AWLE Notebook Archive?

We exist for you and because of you! If you have any ideas, concerns, or suggestions you would like to pass along, contact me!

Supt. Gina Walsh
AWLE Membership Coordinator

Rights of Active Members

Each Active Member shall, provided the member is a Member in Good Standing, be entitled to:

(a) receive notice of and to attend meetings of Members;

(b) (i) vote at meetings of Members (every Active Member in Good Standing having one vote except for the purpose of electing directors which shall be governed by the provisions of section 4.03 hereof);

(ii) an Active Member in Good Standing who is unable to attend the Annual General Meeting, held during the Annual Conference, may vote on motions by a signed proxy, by either:

a. assigning another AWLE Member the right to vote; or
b. by indicating 3 weeks in advance to the AWLE President their voting intentions;

(c) receive a copy of the official publication of the Corporation (AWLE Newsletter - "The Notebook"); and

(d) hold office.

Rights of Associate Members

Each Associate Member shall, provided the person is a Member in Good Standing, be entitled to:

(a) receive notice of and attend meetings of Members; and

(b) receive a copy of the official publication of the Corporation (AWLE Newsletter - "The Notebook").

An Associate Member shall not:

(a) be entitled to vote at meetings of Members;

(b) shall not put forth amendments; nor

(c) hold office.

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