The AWLE 2018 Award Nominations are now open!
Deadline: September 21, 2018


Here are the various AWLE Awards and the criteria that is considered for each award nomination. Annual award recipients and the synopsis for the individuals awarded are posted after the Annual Conference.

Award recipients will be nominated for the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) Awards, so it is preferred, but not required, that all nominations be submitted electronically as well as hard copy.

2018 Award Nomination Form

Officer of the Year Award - Top Cop

To be awarded to any female officer who has a history in excellence in all four areas of leadership, community service, mentoring and excellence in performance.

2018 Awards Letter to Commanders

Leadership Award

To be awarded to any female officer who distinguishes herself by superior accomplishments or continuing long-term involvement using leadership skills that encompass, but are not limited to, problem solving, planning, organizational, communication, being a positive role model, and/or administration which make a significant contribution within the agency or the law enforcement mission.

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Community Service Award

To be awarded to any female officer who distinguishes herself by superior accomplishment through developing, designing, implementing, and participating in programs involving communities that include neighborhoods, schools, community meetings or businesses.

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Mentoring and Coaching Award

To be awarded to any female officer, who distinguishes herself with her support and assistance to women in law enforcement, development of programs or policies favorable to women, serving on committees/organizations that review women’s issues.


Excellence in Performance Award

To be awarded to any female officer who distinguishes herself thorough superior attention to duty or outstanding investigative effort that leads to the identification, location, or arrest, or a major criminal or criminal activity.

Past Award Recipient Reports


To be awarded to any female officer who distinguishes herself through acts of bravery above and beyond the call of duty, which would also include exemplary performance during extremely dangerous situations. This award is not limited to one recipient. In circumstances where a male counterpart is involved in the situation, the male may also be issued the award.


Team Endeavors Award

To be awarded to any female officer and her male counterpart(s), who distinguish themselves by working on a complex, comprehensive, ground-breaking or long-term project within a service or across jurisdictions, with broad implications for law enforcement or justice; in other words, a major issue with significant implications for change. This could include investigations, administrative projects such as internal reviews, leading teams organizing major events and conferences, organizational change projects, task forces or public inquiry support. Specify the nature of the role of each of the members of the team.

Note: The team activity should have concluded in the last 18 months. If the project was a sensitive undercover or similar project, please indicate what names and information should not be disclosed publicly.

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More detailed information on the criteria considered for each award is listed on page 2 of the Award Nomination Form. Please contact any member of the AWLE Executive if you have any further questions.

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