Atlantic Women in Law Enforcement

"We are a network of women in law enforcement committed to the facilitation
of the development and growth of the membership in the Atlantic Region."

AWLE Vision & Focus

We are committed to:
  1. Providing an annual forum for training and development;
  2. Promoting teamwork by fostering professional and inter-agency associations;
  3. Encouraging within our memberships by promoting a common understanding of issues surrounding women working in the law enforcement environment; and
  4. Responsibly representing the interests of our (general) membership.

AWLE History

The history of AWLE goes back to 1992 when Kathy Long, the first AWLE President, laid the groundwork for what it has become today. Here is a brief history of the AWLE which will open in a separate window.

For more information on what the AWLE is all about and what we do read our Winter 2016 edition of the AWLE Notebook or any of the past issues located in the AWLE Notebook Archive.

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